27 July, 2009

Mou Helsinki

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By: Teuku Irwani

"Understanding the aspirations of Acehnese people for political parties locally, the government of Indonesia, in the tempo of one year, or at least 18 months since signing Nota understanding this, it will create political and legal conditions for establishing local political parties in Aceh in consultation with the representatives of the Council of the People ". (MoU, 1.2. Political participation).


erbicara about the local GAM party, I remember a story akan akan a father who would buy a motorcycle to their son, but before siayah buy a motorcycle, it appeared that his son was already in the tamper so that his children should menagis and dileraikan by the his mother. For only one reason for the father, because her son does not want wieldy prohibition against the father that the child should not motornya racing bike for fear of accidents, so that the mother protested that I should spank a child, the bicycle motornya not dibeli.sehingga not have any phase blue.

B. Party Politics in Perspective

Demikain also the issue of local political parties GAM, where polimik dimedia period and has eletronik appear with a variety of analysis-analysis, and in this case m, enurut me very incompetent and too early, section, because when viewed in the formal juridical konstek. So the existence of the GAM party is not a party said, because it has not been through various mechanisms that have been set in the PP. parlok.

If the bureaucrats and analysts assume that the party that GAM akan merongrong NKRI integrity, and even have a statement that the GAM is a party to the Referendum effort, then all the more as it is not an attitude that is very efhobia. Because if terlau Jakarta reactive response to problems in the GAM party, consciously or not, Jakarta has joined the party raising GAM itself. If at this position, who is actually wrong?

For the context of this time, attitudes or views that lead to language-bahsa "separatism" is of course not relevant, because the grain In the MoU, both parties have agreed to keep their commitments in the settlement of the conflict in Aceh peacefully, comprehensive, sustainable and dignity for all. That is, peace in Aceh that has been terajut post-Tsunami 26 December 2004, precisely on 15 August 2005 would not apply to perdamain the moment and for both parties that bertikai only, but will also apply to people, individuals and communities outside of their so that the meaning of peace is truly meaningful.

To that end, peace is happening at this time in Aceh, not just a theoretical or political rhetoric, but many other things that need to be implimentasikan, as a form of realization of kespakatan politk is, as the process towards perdamian the intrinsic edge in the island province of Sumatra.

C. Post-MoU

Indeed, post-MoU have a few things that have been done, although not as conditions of the MoU, is one of law (UU-PA) No.11/Tahun 2006, TNA 3000 demobilization, and decommissioning of all weapons and explosive materials from the GAM, the the RI, which has interesting TNI / Police non-organic TNI's Aceh so organic as much as 14,700 people, POLRI 9100 people, and this phase has been completed, although we still doubt the existence akan TNI / police in Aceh at this time.

While the issue of reintegration, and local political parties as Helsinki MoU not trust the way, but in the MoU Helsingki clearly said that "Understanding the aspirations of Acehnese people for political parties locally, the government of Indonesia, in the tempo of one year, or at least 18 months since signing Nota this understanding, creating political and legal conditions for establishing local political parties in Aceh in consultation with the representatives of the Council of the People. "(MoU, 1.2. Political participation).

So what is wrong with the local GAM political party?

Parlok GAM

GAM political party, the Helsinki MoU persolan not, because no one pasalpun which prohibits the use of symbols which explicitly prohibits the use of GAM flag, but that there is a problem in the use of military symbol. awampun to the community that does not do so on the MoU and the Law on PA-understand that the use of GAM flag is not wrong there. If any problem then is the attitude in the pro and contra to the GAM party, then it is better to jastifikasi and sensational in ranah public, so that the public will think they are the people who have a high nasiont state in maintaining the integrity NKRI.

Jakarta fury over what is done by GAM, not because it is still more of an attitude efhobia people nasioanalisme narrow, the issue of local parties, both of which initiated by GAM amupun by aceh other people is not a problem, because everything has been set in the MoU, UU-PA and PP. Parlok. Article 75 (2.a): "Local political parties are prohibited from doing activities that are incompatible with the Pancasila, Undang-Undang Dasar Negara Republik Indonesia Tahun 1945 or the regulations other", and Article 75 (2.b): "a local political party prohibited from doing activities that endanger the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia ".

Or does not violate the GAM party, should not be seen in aspects of the symbol, but on the AD / ART party, whether the Constitution PP.Parlok hit or not, and it is the task of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights at the time of the verification process, then appeared to indicate that disavowal towards constitution , please police acted at the request of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

Reject ukurnya clear, the Helsinki MoU, not the law-45, because the law is already 45-ingklut in the Helsinki MoU, the question why? Because the terbagun agreement between both parties is not out of the NKRI, and that means the law-45. so that anything done by the GAM at the time of parloknya is Parlok-PP, because PP is born because the PA-trust Act.

For that, the government of Indonesia and the police need not be despondent risou aka disintegration of the NKRI mengkambing hitamkan nationalism, to request a pamphlet samapi-GAM in the party down. (Serambi, 07/07), need not be too reactionary and efhobia, attitudes wasyok meeting ( berburuk meeting) is not relevant to the local party establishment GAM, as the statement of Governor Lemhanas, where GAM if the party making it is one of the Referendum (contrast 18-.12 July 07).

So that claim-claim on the party symbol is the symbol GAM separatism should be eliminated, because then if Jakarta is still menglaim issues such symbols, then the Jakarta must see more in the Helsinki MoU, so not on the Act-45, because at the beginning of the Helsinki negotiations, Jakarta has agreed that the peace agreement terbagun between Gearakan Aceh Merdeka (GAM) with the government of Indonesia must be in the frame NKRI, and it's all finished at the stage, and GAM have agreed also own ideals repudiate at once recognize the independence NKRI.

Helsinki MoU have been very appropriate, because it was politically accommodate the desire of both parties during the thirty-two years bertikai, in this case is the issue of local political parties, as said in the Helsinki MoU "Understanding the aspirations of Acehnese people for political parties locally, the government of Indonesia, tempo in one year, or at least 18 months since signing Nota understanding this, it will create political and legal conditions for establishing local political parties in Aceh in consultation with the representatives of the Council of the People. "(MoU, 1.2. Political participation).

Of grains over the MoU, we can guess that the government will not prevent RI uapaya The Free Aceh Movement in menggolkan party desires that the Local GAM, because the issue of local parties in Aceh is already a task for the government of Indonesia to encourage the birth of a local party in Aceh, so that GAM as the people of Aceh that have been integrated ketengah people so they have the same rights, so that the Gearakan Aceh Merdeka (GAM) can make the process of political transformation of their armed movement to the voice mailbox.

If this happens when the difference of views be political elite in this republic, it is not because of the nature of democracy, such as in Aceh, especially when using the GAM flag stars on the days they party. So that's going at this time the elite pro contra party establishment in the GAM. But on the other grains that we see in the MoU, then what to do at this time is just a party to the presur from Jakarta that GAM will then have bergaining-bergaining or political bid-bid with GAM.

If you have any fears as disitegrasi akan analysis Lemhanas parties, but not the symbol that dipertentangkan, but how the government akan RI Parnas encourage the Parliament to be able to Aceh in 2009, we believe that the National Party lost Pamor in Aceh, if this is not a priority for the future NKRI not more than Failed State (the State failed). Which is always busy with the symbol in Aceh.

Sometimes, thinking orientation Jakarta elite was confusing, it is seen from the controversial material, which they do not see a problem subtantif in the nation and state.

The Jakarta elite, both the politicians, academics and the more they get stuck on the issue of a flag that is used as a symbol GAM party, but if want honest, not a symbol that the issue should be debated, but the issues subtansi, such as Mission and Vision in the AD / ART party.

Even so, most likely Jakarta akan menggolkan GAM political party even though the flag is a symbol of the nationalist symbols separatism. There are two advantages for Jakarta to ratify parlok GAM.

GAM akan first broke out, because the setujuan manyoritas GAM members in the use of a flag stars that month, as in the ideological struggle and konstek, bendara that we see this is a flag State to a very high value for the struggle, so that when the old elite that GAM is not slow in thinking about the political will by leaders in the young ideological.

Both GAM akan natural disperse, disband GAM without political repression, but unwittingly disband because pembubarannya the political process, so that reality last GAM akan terakomodir hope or desire on the bercongkol AMM in Aceh.

Still remember us by, when the Aceh Monitoring Missiont (AMM) are still in Aceh, the GAM issue of abrogation kepermukaan never appear, and get the reciprocal of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) at the institution, because it is not set in the MoU which the GAM it must be disbanded, but that there is a 3000 demobilization TNA [1], and the decommissioning of all weapons and explosive materials from the GAM.

But in the case of GAM Parlok, the Government of Indonesia akan menggolkan party even though the local GAM flag as a symbol, because if GAM truly use the flag as a symbol, the otmatif disband GAM akan natural and truly become part of NKRI, because in the Movement Aceh Merdeka (GAM) flag star flag is the month that the statesman is ideological meaning, so that the stars that month is not a flag State which is in banggakan by the combatant Gekarakan Aceh Merdeka.

In the presence of more divisions in the body of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) between faksi youth with a more ideological orientation faksi old think they are very classic and not in accordance with the political context percaturan this time, manyoritas faksi old this is the people who have been saturated with what is believed in the process of their struggle, as the objective reality of course be very reasonable because of their politics is politics Go "Peuneutoh", not because the process of thinking is "independent."

The weakness of the elders in the Free Aceh Movement, at this time has proven that they have dimamfaatkan by the "players" who have a desire that GAM is dissolved, but without a noise with the Aceh Merdeka movement, like Aceh panton "Uleu beumate, ranteng broken back."

At the concept level, the State unit is not already relefan for at this time because it is an imposed nationalism, as the U.S. State adidaya also Fideral. Unisoviet with komunismenya also destroyed, because it is not possible at this time in Kontek, where democratization in nation and state is a kenisyaan.

Helsinki MoU, is the beginning of democratization in indonesia and Aceh in particular, because Aceh is a region in indonesia in the effort toward selfgovermen. so that the Acehnese are in this era of peace, all parties must terlubat for the Aceh peace mencipatakan permanently.

Local Issues symbol GAM party, need not be debated with the reasons for the integrity of NKRI, language - language is not separatism relevant in the era of peace, because any story, all the people of Aceh must make the process of self transformation sesusai with konsteks respectively.

Similarly with the GAM, local political parties that they form at this time, is a process of transformation from the orientation politk their armed movement to the voice box, and aceh indonesia circumstances at this time, it's not a problem between the GAM and RI, but the problems of the people of Aceh who at this time menikamati perdaimaian are available.

The issue of symbols, which is used by Geakan Aceh Merdeka, the party is not something that they violate the rules, so as in the Helsinki MoU.

[1]. Helsinki MoU



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